Industrias de Iluminación Roura

Founded in 1919, has constantly assumed the commitment to offer the best products for street lighting, adapting itself and evolving over time. Throughout this trajectory, culture on materials, different light sources and constant improvement on production processes allowed the company to offer day by day, innovative lasting and effective solutions.

Roura’s human team is skilled in light and shadow and believe that both of them can be designed, controlled and adapted to every need. ROURA’s products are daytime sculptures, and nighttime creative and functional lighting projections. They create contexts and environments that seduce pedestrians which directly or indirectly enjoy its presence.

The implication with environment is essential for I+D+i department. Being respectful with the surroundings is part of ROURA’s values; also minimize energy consumption on street lighting as well as contributing on emissions reduction. High-efficiency LED technology and optic systems used have been developed and designed looking for saving as much energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions as well as integrating Smart City applications on spotlights. That’s the reason why all items you will find in this catalogue go for last trends in last generation LED luminaries, and also control and reliability systems. All these solutions allow a quality and efficient lighting and, obviously, reduce maintaining costs. Quality and control over environment care are our basic tools to a continuous improvement, being the commitment of all our staff and being reflected in each of our products details.

Hope to collaborate together in your lighting and energy saving projects.





Quality and the preservation and care of the environment and energy efficiency are our tools for continuous improvement and a key factor in the development and future of our organization, so we express our commitments to our employees, customers and suppliers:

Energy efficiency is the foundation of our activity.

Prevent contamination. Know and Reduce production of waste and emissions, consumption of resources (materials, fuel and power) of our activity. With due respect to the laws and collaborating with the authorities with environmental responsibilities.

Priority is to meet our customer needs and expectations and meet them so as to increase their trust and loyalty in us.

The team is the foundation of the company, so their care is a constant vigilance by the latter.

Investment in resources provides an improvement in business processes and greater responsiveness that affects our increasing customer expectations and satisfaction. In turn promote environmental education, educate workers in environmental care providers and communicate our environmental procedures.

Quality will always be subject to continuous improvement. failure to improve would take advantage and every effort will locate the causes that produced them, so they do not recur.

Thus, our company takes as its main objectives:

Innovate and research new products to better serve our customers and control our environmental impacts.

Incorporate into our products new resources to be more effective at the environmental level.

Implement a Quality Management System updated the company to be more competitive and efficient and to manage the company more nimbly.

Involve staff increasingly Company.

Closer proximity to our staff, implying increasingly Company and committing ourselves Work Safety.

ILUMINACIÓN ROURA, supports and Management annually reviews the implementation of the system, strengthening and continuously improving its facilities and services for environmental care and asks all staff collaboration. It also is aware that the ultimate responsibility for achieving the objectives of Quality and Environment proposed is yours and, in that sense, strives to provide all the human and financial resources, materials needed to achieve them, complying rigorously with legal requirements and other requirements that the company subscribes.