15 December, 2016
The first in LED technology
7 February, 2017

Panoramic view:

The installation of four multifunctional media in the main square of Olot solves the two major shortcomings in this area. On the one hand allows for an occasional wiring for air suspension engalanaments better safety conditions and unaffected facades. On the other hand, improves the quality of lighting, and more importantly, increases environmental comfort.

Each column is formalized through a framework structure tubes just over eleven meters. This system ensures the necessary rigidity to support structural wiring becomes air, but its form also responds to other factors.

The division of a column thick tubes smaller gives a lighter appearance to the lamp, because it sees through. To put it in some way, is like a line drawing in space. This is a common resource of modernist lampposts, as designed by Peter Falqués Barcelona Francesc Maristany in Castellón.

The structural framework also has another important role. By day the lamp has a discreet presence in the urban environment, chaired by the facades. At night, however, the network takes light. The flow fixtures that project is captured by the bars of the structure, thus amplifying the feeling of lightness. It’s a role similar to the ancient crystals suspended chandeliers, which were sounding of the candlelight. Somehow the light becomes visible, drawing a vaguely classical lamp which gives the place a festive resonances with large living center.

The supports are arranged at the vertices, with a height suited to large proportions of empty rectangular space. This allows light with a certain equidistance whole square and, above all, understood as a unitary space.

The structure is composed of eight tubes and solid abutments 20 of high strength steel. The group forms a trunk octagonal, conical shape that opens to accommodate the light, then returned to the ring to close the deal. Corona structure a final section consists of four tubes. Additional bars, interleaved bearing elements to draw up a base at the bottom and prevent escalation.

Each column includes an annular fixture Roura Tresverd of 1.600mm diameter. Equipped with LED warm white light (3000ºK) with different angles to ensure the lighting of the square while avoiding intrusive light for neighboring homes. An opal acrylic casing filters the intensity and prevents glare.

The set is completed by a central LED RGB projector, which also bathes the metal framework, and depending on the color, it helps to dematerialise.

The new lighting ensures a uniformity of 60% and allows a 60% reduction in electricity consumption compared lanterns above. An automation control to adapt the lighting conditions in the business of the place. The new programs include on and off for specific concerts, fairs, events of the festival or special dates.

When the place dressed gala lanterns become the four supports a large tent of 27 to 19 meters, allowing a wiring box and available in two different heights diagonal. If no events are programmed exceptional the place is open air cabling, contributing to a qualitative improvement of public space.

Each column has sockets for connection to occasional festive lighting, located at the top. A light gauge also RGB color, support for crown stylize their figure overnight.

Ajuntament d’Olot

Eduard Callís and Guillem Moliner

Industrialization and production:

Industrias de Iluminación Roura, S.A.

Alba Colomer, Jordi Moret, Xevi Rodeja, Thommy Parra

Miquel Capdevila

Electrical project:
Lluís Parés