New luminaire Kiro Lira
2 October, 2020
The Corsini Square of Tarragona has been remodelled with RKL
18 November, 2020

The center of Polinyà has been renewed with Y City

The Sentmenat Street of Polinyà (Barcelona) has been renewed completely becoming a street with a pedestrian treelined street in the central part. This remodelling enables the neighbours to increase their quality of life and get a space where they can take a walk with a pleasant atmosphere.

For the illumination of this environment has been chosen our Y City S, a set that, apart from lighting, contributes to obtain a high elegance in the environment. It is characterized by its V shape that results of its arms, besides its basis, which contains a relief based in rhombus.

The last generation of LED technology used in this project has enabled to reduce the power considerably and the number of luminaires. However, every Y City S set has two Y City luminaires, one for lighting the road and another one for lighting the central treeline street. The technical features of both luminaires are showed next.

This luminaire organization allows to light from the central part of the street, increasing the light evenness up to 0,67.

The light contamination of this space has been reduced to lower levels than 0,1% of light dispersion into the upper hemisphere, due to the organization and assembly of light diodes and their lenses.