The center of Polinyà has been renewed with Y City S
29 October, 2020

The Corsini Square of Tarragona has been remodelled with RKL

The Sentmenat Street of Polinyà (Barcelona) has been renewed completely becoming a street with a pedestrian treelined street in the central part. This remodelling enables the neighbours to increase their quality of life and get a space where they can take a walk with a pleasant atmosphere.

One of the commercial areas of Tarragona, the Corsini square, popularly known as Market square, has been remodelled completely, coinciding with the complete renovation of the market building. This construction was designed with modernist style by Josep Maria Pujol de Barberà and it was opened on 1916.

The square lighting has been done with our minimalist set RKL, a model that contains the column and the luminaire in the same tube offering the minimal expression of design. This set is characterized by its light modules of 16 LEDs. If it is required more power, more light modules can be added one on the top of the other, up to 4 modules and arriving to 48 LEDs installed in 4 different levels.

The technical features of this RKL set are:

RKL 48 LEDs | Power 110W | 4000K

Every set has a high rate of power due to the distance between light points, which enables to dispose more free space in the square. Although having this separation between the poles, the light evenness of the square is 0,50.

The light contamination has been dropped to less than 1% of light dispersion into the upper hemisphere, due to the organization and assembly of light diodes and their lenses.